Project Summary

INNOBITE contributes to the development of sustainable consumption and production patterns through the development of new technological solutions based on the efficient use of natural resources. The INNOBITE project will transform urban and agricultural residues into high performing, resource efficient products for the emerging Green Construction sector. The project is supported by two innovative ideas:

Adding value to the inorganic fraction of wheat straw.

(2) Obtaining cellulose nanofibres (MFC) out of highly recycled paper.

Once isolated via environmentally friendly processes, these two renewable compounds will be used as high-performance additives providing unique properties to a new series of biocomposites for use in construction applications.

Wheat Straw


Objective 1. To develop and integrate a biorefinery process that is an environmentally acceptable method for the effective extraction of the inorganic fraction of wheat straw.

Objective 2. To develop a method for the production of MFC out of recycled paper that balances, from an ecological point of view, the environmental impact of the recycling stage and the energy required for MFC production.

Objective 3. To obtain a thermosetting bio-based nanocomposite which:

  • Is made of lignin-based thermosetting (L-TS) resin and MFC reinforcement. 
  • Meets indoor walls specifications using less resin than similar non-biobased systems. 
  • Is at least 50wt% (Weight Percent) bio-based.

Objective 4. To obtain a thermoplastic bio-based composite which:

  • Is made of L-TP resin and at least one of the following: silica, MFC or cellulose fibres. 
  • Meets  technical specifications for decking or fencing. 
  • Overcomes commercial WPC (Wood Polymer Composites) solutions by >10% on at least one of the following properties: surface hardness, water absorbency and durability. 
  • Is >95wt% of bio-based origin and/or biodegradable. 

Objective 5. To reach the market with all the technologies and products developed within the project following the positive recommendations of an exhaustive analysis of cost effectiveness and marketing possibilities.